You Have to Save Yourself When the Digital Titanic Starts Sinking

  1. Start Using a Password Manager. Your privacy online is only as strong as your weakest password. A good password manager, like LastPass or 1Password, makes it easy to securely store and use unique, strong passwords across all of your devices. Some will even tell you if your credentials have been leaked online so you can easily change them. Find a password manager you like and stick to it. Then, if one of your passwords does leak, you can easily replace that one password and not worry about your hundreds of other passwords.
  2. Stop Using Google Chrome — Browsing on Google Chrome is like agreeing to have a tiny little spy goblin following you around because Google is the largest digital advertiser in the world. Switch to Brave, Firefox, or Safari to make it just a little harder for Google to suck your data. That way if any of it does leak, there’s less to know about you.
  3. Get an Ad Blocker — Part of the problem with online advertising these days is that your targeting profile is built by trackers that you don’t even see on web pages. And, these trackers slow down webpage load times, so you get a bad experience. A good ad blocker like uBlock Origin or Ghostery will limit those trackers, limiting your targeting profiles. You can always pause it or turn it off if a page doesn’t work correctly.

Hot Slices

🔪 If you read one thing this week, read Pranav Dixit’s take for Buzzfeed News about how technology is being used to undermine democracy in India. It’s a deeply personal piece of writing about the ways technology has affected their society for the worse. If you read one thing about social media this week, read this.

Things to Pay Attention To

👀 Consumers now spend an average of 4.2 hours each day in apps. Advertisers everywhere are updating their media presentations with that stat.

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Jay Dolan


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